You have decided it’s time to sell your Philly house, and you want to opt for the “sell your Philly house fast” option. You definitely have countless reasons to sell off the property, even considering the current state of the economy and how it has left you cash strapped.

There are different methods you could adopt in selling off your Philly house, and “fast” in each case is quite relative, all depends on how much time you have on your hands, how much money you would like to spend and the amount of work you want to put into it.

  • Using Realtors

The traditional and most popular method of selling real estate in Philly has always been to use realtors, but overtime the system has grown quite slow, but as rightly said time is only relative. When using a realtor, you start off by making a very long search for the best realtor, whom you can trust to have your best interest at heart.

Then there’s the evaluation of your property, fixing ups, remodeling, and so much more, which could take months before they could be done and may cost hundreds of dollars. Then listing on the MLS and the long wait for a buyer begins. You definitely want to sell fast, but using a realtor might require waiting for 6 months to more than a year.

  • Selling by Owner (For Sale By Owner, FSBO)

Another option you can explore, if you have the cash, time and marketing skills is to sell by yourself known as FSBO. It is not so different from using a realtor, as you have to carry out all the duties of the realtor. Property valuation, listing on the MLS, negotiations with potential buyers and organizing numerous open houses, all the backbreaking work must be handled by you.


Fast here is also relative, as you could have to wait for more than a year before you get a buyer for your property. Considering the situation you are currently in, you probably do not have so much time to spare. It could also be that you can’t raise the money to cover the additional expenses that using a realtor or selling the property yourself would incur.

  • Selling to a Philly Cash buyer

Selling to a cash buyer would allow you to escape all the back and forth and uncertainties surrounding using realtors. Cash buyers do not carry out inspection of the property, so you do not have to worry about making any repairs or remodeling. They will buy your house in as-is condition.

No matter how slow the market is, even if you’ve concluded your property is impossible to sell, cash buyers are always ready to help you sell your property in the shortest time possible. All the stress is taken off you, no excessive paperwork, no price haggling, no commission, charges. The closing costs are also taken care of by the cash buyer.

The time, which is the most important factor, will be determined by you. Selling your property can be as fast as less than seven days; all depends on when you want to close. A perk of selling to Philly cash buyers is that you are guaranteed cash fast, the deal is not financed by banks or financial institutions that would slow down the process. The selling process is made very smooth and you get to move on as quickly as possible.

Tips to sell your Philly house fast

There are very important tips you must know that would guide you into selling your property fast.

  • Use a cash buyer

Most delays that come from selling a real estate are usually experienced with finding a buyer who would pay cash for your property. Cash buyers are known to have cash lined up and are willing to upfront, and it saves you the time of listing your property on the MLS.

It also implies that the hurdles of having to underwrite are taken away completely. Cash house buyers would ensure the sale goes smoothly and it’s much faster than using the traditional method. Home Cash Guys is your preferred cash buyer.

We have had years of experience helping homeowners and we would like to help you sell your Philly house fast.

  • Know the value of your house

It is usually expedient that you have an idea of the value of your house, as that would help you avoid unnecessary haggling and negotiations. When you know the price range of what your property should be sold for, as soon as you get a cash offer, you would know if it’s convenient for you or not and that saves you so much time.

  • Verify the buyer

Not all buyers would have your best interest at heart, there are always some who would want to take advantage of you. You should check the company’s track record and years of existence and reviews; this would give you an idea of their working relationship with clients.

Home Cash Guys would never take advantage of you, we assure you of maximum transparency during the sale. If we can’t buy your house, we will let you know immediately.

  • Consider how much time you have

You definitely want to sell your property fast, but it can be relative. Using a cash buyer is the best option to get rid of your house quickly. You are the sole determinant of the length of the sale.

The deal can close in less than 7 days; it all depends on how much time you have and when you choose to close the deal.

  • Sell as-is

Being told you would have to make repairs on your property before you can sell can be really discouraging, considering that time is of essence. Selling your property to cash buyers however, would mean you sell your real estate in as-is condition.

No obligation to make any repairs whatsoever and this invariably saves you so much time and money.

  • Fees and Hidden charges

When selling your real estate, you should note that the best choice is one that allows you to save as much money as possible. Beware of cash buyers that might want to ask for some sort of application fees. Also, all fees and closing costs are covered by the buyer, and this is one guarantee you get from the Home Cash Guys when we buy houses Philly for cash.

  • Get full cash guarantee

Selling fast should also mean cash up front, because you would want to move on with your life as quickly as possible. Verify that the buyer has the ability to pay at the end of the deal.

Deals where banks and financial institutions are not depended upon for funding are better options. With Home Cash Guys, you get to sell your Philly house fast, and cash is guaranteed at the closing.

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