What You Need to Know Before Selling Your Home in Philadelphia

When you’re selling your home in Philadelphia, there are many things to consider. Knowing the process ahead of time is key to a successful sale. Before you even think of listing your home, you usually have to determine if you want to use a real estate agent or take the FSBO (for sale by owner) approach. However, you can also sell your home for cash to a real estate investor. We buy houses Philadelphia making life way less stressful!


Hiring an agent presents an investment and you must remember the fees and commissions they will take. A professional real estate agent can help you properly price your home and negotiate offers, while leaving the nitty-gritty to them. If you decide to go the FSBO route you’ll have to understand the complexities of pricing and negotiating offers on your own. Selling your home in Philadelphia fast for cash will mean you can get a fair offer within 24 hours, no agents or middlemen needed.

Selling Your Home in Philadelphia

Pricing Your Home


When pricing your home, it’s essential that buyers get a good experience. You’ll need to research local markets for what’s best for you and consider any budget or time frame constraints. Perhaps taking advantage of strategies such as hiring a professional photographer or utilizing online showing tools could be beneficial. 


If you want to get the best offer from a traditional buyer, you will need to do and repairs or renovations before you even think about holding viewings. You will also want to do some home staging to make your property stand out from the others on the market, as competition is fierce and you don’t want your home on the market for too long.


Once offers start pouring in, Make sure all negotiations stay in writing and keep in mind that starting with a lower bid might be the best way to go before adding money if needed. Aside from inspections done by buyers, some states mandate mold and radon inspections which could incur additional costs on average amounting to $430 depending on several factors.


Selling your home in Philadelphia to a cash home buyer will cut out these steps. There will be no repairs needed, as we buy houses Philadelphia as-is. Even if your house is in distressed condition after being inherited, or if the appliances are outdated; we will still give you a fair offer and take your unwanted home off your hands. 


Staging also won’t be necessary because you won’t have to list your home on the market at all. One of our representatives will simply inspect your property and give you an offer within 24 hours. 

Selling Your Home in Philadelphia

Selling Your Home in Philadelphia for Cash Means Faster Closing

Traditionally, you will have to wait a few months, to the best part of a year to complete a house sale. The buyer will have to obtain financing in the form of a mortgage loan, usually and the process can be frustratingly unpredictable. If the buyer doesn’t get approved for the loan, the whole sale can fall through, meaning all the time and money you have spent will be wasted.


Selling your home in Philadelphia fast for cash eliminates this stress. Cash home buyers are real estate investors, ready to take your home and put your money in your account. There are no financing steps or pre-arrovals needed. We will inspect your home, give you an offer and aim to close within 7 days. That means you really can move on with your life in less than 2 weeks!

Selling Your Home in Philadelphia

 At every step of the way do extensive research so that when making decisions pertaining to selling your home in Philadelphia they’re well informed ones!


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