One of the best ways to sell your home in Philadelphia, PA fast is to sell it to us! We buy homes in as few as just 21 days, regardless of if it is a Problem Property.

We will buy homes or houses in any condition, price range, or location across Philadelphia and make a fair all-cash offer. In fact, another reason to choose us instead of trying to sell it (your home) yourself is that the average price associated with renovating a home to list is around $42,000.

You can also expect to pay a realtor another $16,000, if not more, not to mention that the real-time average between your listing and finally closing is a good 69 days in Philadelphia. Though provided everything goes as planned. That’s why if you want to sell a house fast for cash, the traditional approach isn’t going to work.

As someone who wants to sell as quickly as possible, there is no point in spending tens of thousands of dollars on renovations like a real estate agent would suggest. If anything, it is a major inconvenience even if you can afford it.

Nobody wants to get stuck having to manage contractors and deal with dozens of people just snooping through your house each week. You also probably don’t want your house sitting on the market for what could potentially be months after putting in all that hard work.

Not to mention once you find a buyer, they would probably not be able to secure the required financing that ties up your house. Furthermore, securing the needed financing takes time so you can’t close whenever you choose.

All homeowners who want to sell just want more money in their bank account, to be used the way they please. Most want to move on. We can help you with all of this by making you a cash offer for your home, no strings attached! Plus you choose the closing date too!

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