Owning any home can be challenging, and everyone has different needs. Now, if you can successfully and easily sell through a realtor and have no time constraints to make it happen, then it is probably the best option for you.

However, selling via a realtor isn’t for everyone, especially since it requires a significant time investment, in addition to the funds required to make the property sellable even then there is no guarantee to sell your house fast.

Our team buys houses in Philadelphia from owners, who may be short on time, or they might have a specific set of needs with which a realtor can’t help.

We buy houses in Philadelphia fast, and you can sell it quickly because, unlike so many other buyers, we don’t need a loan from the bank. As investors, we deal in cash and will make you a cash offer.

We inspect and buy property as is, regardless of the condition. In other words, we are flexible enough to work with your situation.

Unless there are no exceptional circumstances that are beyond our control, we usually close within a couple of days after making an offer on your house.

All you have to do is take what you need from the home, and we’ll handle everything else.

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