Sell my house Philadelphia? Is that the question you’re asking? If so, you have come to the right place. Selling a home can be quite a stressful, time-consuming, and emotional process at times. The traditional way of selling a property in Philadelphia involves hiring a real estate agent, listing the property with them, renovating the house, staging the property for potential buyers, and waiting until the potential buyer is approved for a mortgage loan. 


The entire process can easily take between 3-7 months depending on numerous factors. This isn’t the best way to sell your house when you need fast cash for whatever reason. For example, if you want to avoid foreclosures, liens, or you have inherited an unwanted property, you want quick cash for the property. That is where a cash home buyer comes in handy. As cash home buyers we buy houses Philadelphia and pay top dollars for your property and are willing to close the sale within 2 days to 2 weeks depending on your schedule. 


This article provides information on why you should sell the property to a cash buyer when you are wondering “how to sell my house Philadelphia.”


More Convenience And Less Hassle


When you “sell my house Philadelphia” via a real estate agent, you should be prepared to encounter many inconveniences. You need to repair the house and keep it tidy since potential buyers will come to see the house almost every single day. Even if a buyer signs an offer, the sale isn’t complete because there are many ways such a sale could fall through at the last minute. If the potential buyer doesn’t get approved for a mortgage loan, the sale can easily fall through. Such complexities can be frustrating and time-consuming. You won’t have to deal with any of these issues when you decide to sell the property to a cash buyer. The transaction will be effortless and highly convenient for you. 


No Home Repairs Or Upgrades


Traditional home sales involve repairing and upgrading the house to stage it for potential buyers. Unless your home is in tip-top condition, the buyer may not be interested in the property. You have to spend thousands of dollars on repairs and upgrades before listing it with a realtor in Philadelphia. Staging a house for potential buyers is no easy task. You should be willing to accommodate dozens of potential clients almost every day until one of them agrees to buy the property. Just imagine how inconvenient and expensive the process is! All these problems don’t exist when you “sell my house Philadelphia fast”. Cash buyers buy homes as they are. The buyer will do the necessary upgrades and flip the house for better profit margins. You don’t have to spend unnecessarily or worry about repairs and upgrades when selling the property to a reliable cash home buyer in town.


The Money Is All Yours To Keep


Selling the property to a cash buyer means you don’t have to spend on repairs, upgrades, or agents’ commissions. For example, the average real estate agency would demand a 6% fee for selling your property. In fact, you won’t receive all the money of the selling price when you sell the property through a realtor in Philadelphia. On the other hand, if you decide to sell the house to a cash buyer, you get to keep the entire proceedings from the sale. Cash buyers won’t charge any fees for the sale. In fact, they even pay closing fees and other charges involved in the selling process. That is why you need to “sell my house Philadelphia” property to a cash buyer in the area.


Fewer Sales Will Fall Through


It can be quite frustrating and stressful when a home sale falls through at the last minute. The buyer may find it difficult to get approved for a mortgage loan or the buyer may change his/her mind due to another reason. Sales are more likely to fall through when you are selling the property via a realtor. But the same cannot be said when selling the house to a cash buyer. They have ready cash to pay for the sale. On the other hand, the cash buyer won’t change his mind after making the offer. They are prepared to close the sale within a couple of weeks depending on your schedule. If you are looking for a sure-fire method to “sell my house Philadelphia” property fast, there is no better way than selling it to a cash home buyer.

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