Have an unsellable house? Sell my house today, we buy ugly houses at Home Cash Guys

Sell my house in the Philadelphia area. Get cash fast with quick closing and no hassle at HomeCashGuys. “I’ve been trying to sell my house for six months, and haven’t gotten any offers.” We hear this all the time. And the first question people ask is, “Should I get a new real estate agent?”

Chances are, it’s not your agent. It could just be that the market is slow, or it could be that your house needs to be made more attractive. The biggest reason most people’s houses don’t sell, however, is because their selling price is too high.

This probably isn’t news to you. There’s a good chance your agent has been telling you the same thing. So here are some tips on how to sell your house.

How to Sell Your House Quickly

Selling your house can be exhausting, especially if it is taking a long time. It might be delaying your move and can prevent you from getting on with your life. What do we say? Let your agent sell your home for what it’s actually worth. You aren’t doing yourself any favors by continuing to pay a mortgage on a house you don’t want.

Hopefully, some of the potential buyers you discouraged with your high price listing might still be interested in your property. Your realtor should inform them of your recent price reduction. If you haven’t let your listing go stale, a price reduction should jump start your listing again and generate more interest. Buyers and realtors both search for properties that have been greatly reduced, so this might be everything you need to get your home sold quickly.

Marketing Techniques for Selling Your House Fast

If your price is competitive and you are still not getting much interest, it’s time to find a new strategy. Brainstorm which marketing techniques you can use to sell your home quickly. Whether you’re using a realtor or not, open houses, virtual tours, local listings in newspapers and real estate booklets, and even word of mouth can all help drum up interest.

Nowadays, however, more buyers are using technology such as mobile apps. If your home isn’t listed on these apps, it should be. And if it is, maybe there are ways you can improve it. Make sure you’ve got the best photography possible, with well-lit shots that show the best parts of your home without any clutter. You or your realtor could also create a YouTube video of the property.  And you also want to make sure you’re checking out the competition regularly to make sure your price is still competitive.

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When to Dump Your Realtor

If you haven’t heard from your realtor in a few weeks or more, this should be a major red flag. They should regularly update you on what they are doing to sell your house, let you know if there is any interest, and make suggestions about how to sell your house faster for the best price.

If you have an agent who did nothing but list your house on the MLS, it’s time to consider other options. You don’t want an agent that does the minimum and sits back and waits for calls to come in. Your realtor will get a pretty sizable commission for selling your home, they should be working for it. If they’re not, it’s time to say, “I need another realtor to sell my house.” Or you could also consider selling your home for cash.

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“I’m Tired of Trying to Sell My House.”

If you no longer have time or energy to sell your house, your realtor hasn’t been working, or you’re now in a situation you need to sell fast, you should also consider selling your home for cash. Working with companies that buy houses for cash to sell your house has many advantages. You won’t need to pay commission to a realtor, for starters. You also don’t need to worry about marketing or making repairs before you sell. You’ll be able to get out of your mortgage faster and be able to close quickly on your timeline. Having a buyer who is looking to move in right away or needs to wait until their home sells won’t be a problem. And, at HomeCashGuys, we even cover closing costs, so that means more cash in your pocket as well.

If this sounds like a good option for you, let Home Cash Guys make you a no hassle, no obligation offer or call (844) 687-3569.We buy houses for cash in Bucks Country, Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Berks, and Lehigh counties. Go from saying “I’m tired of trying to sell my house,” to “I sold my house and it was fast and easy,” today!