The argument of the best way to “sell my house fast Philadelphia” has been going on for a long time. Realtor vs Cash buyer Philadelphia?  The time has come to finally settle the argument. We are going to be examining some of the factors that come to play in selling your Philadelphia house, and how either selling through a realtor or selling to a cash buyer will make your sale easy and fast. 


3 Things To Consider Before You Instruct A Philadelphia Realtor Over A Philadelphia Cash Buyer

  • How fast do you need to sell? 

Time is an important factor that comes to play in every business arrangement. Before you decide on how to sell your Philadelphia house, consider the time you want to get the house sold. Is it the realtor that can get it sold within this time, or the cash buyer? 

  • How much are you willing to spend? 

The expected cost of sale should also be considered. What is the exact amount you are willing to spend on getting your Philadelphia house sold? Some methods of house sale require that you spend a certain amount of money. 

  • Are you willing to take the long trip?

Some methods of house sale require numerous stages. Are you willing to take the long trip to home sale? Are you prepared for a visit to the realtor, and house showcases? If you can’t take the long trip, you need to choose a house sale method that doesn’t require so many steps. 


Comparison: Philadelphia Realtors Vs Philadelphia Cash Buyers

Now to the actual comparison between Philadelphia realtors and Philadelphia cash home buyers. We’re going to be examining both from different angles, then we’ll decide which one is the overall best. 


  • Speed:

How fast does the Philadelphia realtor work? Well, if you are selling your Philadelphia house through a realtor, you may need to know how the realtor works. You see the realtor, tell him about your house, then he tries to help you find potential buyers. Potential buyers will check out the house, if they like it, you’ll reach an agreement. Pretty long process, right? 

Now to cash home buyers. Selling to cash home buyers is a lot shorter. This is primarily because a cash home buyer isn’t going to look for a buyer. He is the buyer. When you contact a cash home buyer, he’ll size up your house, and offer a fair price for your Philadelphia house. If an agreement is reached, he’ll pay you. Fast, isn’t it? You can easily get your house sold in a week. 


  • Commission and payment:

Before you visit a Philadelphia realtor, you know you have to give him a commission from the sale of your home. Philadelphia cash home buyers, however, won’t collect any commission or payment. They will simply buy your Philadelphia house from you, and pay you. 


  • Repair:

Repairing all the damaged things in your Philadelphia house can be money, and time consuming. Unfortunately, the Philadelphia realtor won’t have it any other way. For you to be able to quickly get a buyer for your Philadelphia house, your realtor will demand that you fix all the damaged things in your house. Now think of all the money you’ll have to spend on the broken bathroom tap, and the bad kitchen sink. That’s a lot of money. 

A Philadelphia cash home buyer won’t demand a repair. He will buy your house just as it is. No repairs, no waste of time, and money. 

  • Cleaning:

It’s a general rule that you can’t leave your house for the Philadelphia realtor to clean for you. You have to scrub the floors and make sure the tiles are sparkling. After all, you can’t possibly get a buyer to pay well for your Philadelphia house if it is dirty.

With a Philadelphia cash home buyer, you don’t need to clean until your hands are raw. You can sell your house immediately after you pack. Selling to cash home buyers means zero cleaning, so if you are a seller in need of a fast deal, you should consider selling your Philadelphia house to a Philadelphia cash home buyer. 



  • Showcasing:

Showcasing your house to potential buyers is probably one of the hardest parts of getting your house sold to a Philadelphia realtor. It’s pretty much like preparing for a job interview. You have to prepare your house for the showcase. You need to clean, and rearrange, and at times, even do little decoration just to make your house attractive to the potential buyer. If the first potential buyer doesn’t buy, you have to showcase to a different potential buyer again. Showcase after showcase until you finally get a buyer for your Philadelphia house. 

If you are working with a Philadelphia cash home buyer, you get to skip the entire Showcase step, and jump straight to sale. No showcase, no showcase prep. 



Based on all the angles the issue of how to sell your Philadelphia house has been examined, it is evident that selling your Philadelphia house to a Philadelphia cash buyer is unarguably the best, fastest, and easiest method of house sale. 


  • Zero stress
  • No money spent
  • Quick cash
  • Instant purchase
  • Zero wait time
  • Zero cleaning and repair. 



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