Real Estate Market Softening Chester

Is The Real Estate Market Softening Chester, PA


Real Estate Market Softening Chester

According to, the supply of homes for sale has increased by a staggering 18.7% in the past year alone. The brokerage company Redfin also reported that new listings increased almost twice as fast in just a period of 4 weeks, ending May 15. To add to the housing market scope, home prices have gone up by 15%, and the total number of homes sold over the past year has reduced by 7.2 percent.

While it may have been a sellers’ market a few months ago, the buyers might soon take the driver’s seat, with most of them waiting for the picture to be clear. Inflation brought about a dramatic increase in mortgage rates, reducing the demand for houses and an increased supply for the same. Currently, the average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage rate is 5%, a sharp increase from 3%. Real estate market softening Chester is clearly happening, and this may not be good news for those looking to sell fast!

Why Would You Want to Sell Fast Chester PA?

The market is not on the seller’s side and the current real estate does not favor you if you are looking to sell fast. In a market with a higher supply than demand, the traditional method of using a real estate agent proves to be impractical, especially when you want to sell fast. But why would you want to do so in the first place?

1. Avoid Real Estate Market Changes

It’s never certain what the conditions of the housing market might look like tomorrow and when you have a property you want to get off your shoulders, waiting is not usually a good idea. Instead of competing with the other sellers, dealing with cash buyers like Home Cash Guys proves to be a good idea.

2. You’re Facing Foreclosure

Perhaps you are facing foreclosure due to issues with mortgage payments, property taxes, debt payments, and other bills. In the real estate market softening Chester state, you may be in the most stressful situation.

Missed mortgage payments are the most common reason a property goes into foreclosure. It may not be your fault, after all, life is not all roses. You might have lost your job, sustained an injury, or even worse. Unfortunately, if you fall behind on mortgage payments, you fall at the risk of losing ownership of the house.

Our team can be able to help you avoid foreclosure by purchasing your house as fast as possible.

3. Divorce

Dealing with divorce or separation can be tough. There can be numerous assets that are jointly shared, further complicating the process. Arguments tend to arise and the court proceedings can be lengthy and expensive. This is the last thing you want when you’re already undergoing emotional stress.

This is why most Chester residents opt to sell the property fast. Our team is one call away and will make a fair cash offer within 48 hours!

What to do about Real Estate Market Softening Chester PA 

Sell Your House Fast for Cash and Today! At Home Cash Guys, we provide an easy, fast and straightforward way for Chester, PA homeowners to sell their homes regardless of the state of the Real Estate Market.  We Buy Houses Chester and purchase houses of all kinds, of all sizes, and in all conditions. Whether you need to sell for job reasons, divorce, inheritance, etc., we are here to help ease the burden of selling the property traditionally.

When you choose us, you will sell the home on your terms, and avoid listing fees, commission fees, and repair costs. The deal is also guaranteed, with no strings attached. Avoid the hassle of dealing with realtors in a real estate market softening Chester‘s situation. Call us today for a no-obligation offer!