Avoid a sheriff's sale in Philadelphia, Delaware, Chester, Bucks, Berks, Montgomery, Northampton and Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.Rose was facing a sheriff’s sale. She had a lien on her home she couldn’t afford to pay. The government was just weeks away from seizing her house and forcing it to be sold at a public auction. Fortunately, she called Home Cash Guys before she lost her house.

As a trusted local real estate investor that has helped out hundreds of homeowners in similar situations, Home Cash Guys was able to make her a quick cash offer. Rose accepted, and within a couple of weeks, she had cash in her hand. Home Cash Guys took care of all the paperwork, as well as the property taxes and other payments, and Rose was able to move into a new place.

“Home Cash Guys is a wonderful company,” says Rose. “We enjoy our experience. They were polite and knowledgeable, and they worked hard to help us out of a difficult situation quickly.” She gave Home Cash Guys a 5-star rating on TrustPilot, and got equity out of her home that she otherwise wouldn’t have if it had gone to sale.

How Does a Sheriff’s Sale Work?

A sheriff’s sale is initiated by the courts. This makes it a little different than a regular foreclosure sale. It may happen if the bank has repossessed your home and is trying to sell it, and you take legal action to try and stop them. Or, it may be because you owe property taxes or have other judgments against you. In these cases, the government may force a sheriff’s sale.

What Should You Do if You Face a Sheriff’s Sale or Foreclosure?

If you face a sheriff’s sale or foreclosure, you have limited options and need to act fast. There probably isn’t time to sell your house on the open market, but a real estate investor like Home Cash Guys could help you out. We buy houses in any condition and can close in as little as two weeks. And most importantly, we give you cash! So, you can satisfy your debts and should have some money left over. That’s much better than losing all the equity you’ve built in your house.

Sell Your House Fast

If you’re facing a sheriff’s sale or foreclosure in Philadelphia, Delaware, Chester, Bucks, Montgomery, Northampton, Berks, or Lehigh County, give us a call or fill out this quick form. It only takes a few minutes. We may even be able to make you a quick offer right over the phone. Don’t lose all the equity in your home. Get a quick cash offer today!

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