It’s okay when you want to sell house fast Philadelphia but do you know how to get a good offer fast? Check out this article to learn more.

To sell house fast Philadelphia is a good idea, but do you know how to get a good offer fast? Many property owners have no idea how to do this at all and often lose a lot on the table by the time they are done with the transaction. 

To avoid repeating such mistakes, this article is here to help. Here, we will examine how you can get a good offer fast in Philadelphia when selling your home.


  1. Work with a Real Estate Agent

The average homeowner buys or sells a house a few times. Unless you are a professional who has been in the industry for a long time, you will need help from a professional to help you with getting a good offer fast. Since changes are imminent in the world today, having an experienced real estate agent work with you will be a bonus to you. 

When you find the right real estate agent, it will have lots of impacts on the selling process. For instance, you will know the appropriate time to sell, price your property accurately, and also list the appropriate platforms to target the right people. Although their services aren’t free as they can cost you 5-6% of the property’s price, they can ease the stress you have to go through yourself. 

With an agent, you can navigate the laws, marketing strategies, and even the customs entailed with selling a house in Philadelphia. However, having an agent doesn’t mean your home’s value will increase exponentially. Instead, they will serve as a coach to guide you throughout the process and help you get a good offer fast. 


  1. Time your Sale

The time of sale affects the value and often determines whether you will get a good offer. It can also determine how long you will have to wait to sell at a good price. In Philadelphia, the best time to sell a house is in March, and the best time to start listing is in December. 

Going outside such a timeframe can affect sales as you may not sell at the intended price you initially wished for. Hence, ensure you list your property at the right time to get good offers that will motivate you to sell.


  1. Set the Right Price

Setting the right price for your home can be a tedious task, especially when you don’t have the experience. If you set a low price, you risk leaving out a lot on the table. If you set your property at a very high price, you can scare off potential buyers. The solution to do this is to find the right price. But, how do you do this? 

This is where you need a real estate agent. An agent helps you to carry out a comparative market analysis that shows you the prices of similar properties that have been sold previously. Although most agents perform CMAs for free, you can get a good offer by asking for multiple CMAs from different agents. This gives you an edge on what you are dealing with. 


  1. Negotiate

Before negotiation begins, ensure you have multiple bidders for the property. Having multiple bidders means having different offers. You can in turn ask your real estate agent to reach out to them and ask for the best offers. During negotiation, it is essential to note that the highest price isn’t equal to the best deal. 

Most buyers are under the protection of contingencies to enable them back out from varying circumstances. Such contingencies include an appraisal, financing, sale of buyer’s home, and home inspection. While some contingencies are standard, others may prevent a buyer from buying when they can’t sell their current house. The best thing to do is to negotiate with the buyer about the contingencies and choose what you are comfortable with. 

Sell house fast Philadelphia

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