Staging And Selling A House With Pets At Home

Many sellers want to know how to sell pets because selling a house with pets can be challenging. Most homeowners and homebuyers are pet owners but a sign of a pet living in a home can reduce the chances of selling a house fast.

As a homeowner and pet owner, you have different ways by which you train your pets. You may keep them outside or allow them to come into the home as part of the family. However, the presence of a pet in the home doesn’t help facilitate the selling process. This is why, before selling a house with pets, you must do some serious cleaning and repair work so that you can list your house for a high price.

Staging And Selling A House With Pets At Home

So how do you sell your property when you have pets in the house? Continue reading as this article will explain everything you need to know.

Tips On How To Stage and Prepare Your Home For Selling a House With Pets

Below are ways by which you can stage your home when selling a house with pets:

  • Get rid of any stains or damage from pets. 

Your pets (cats, dogs, or rabbits) might have damaged the carpets, tables, or chairs while playing. When your pets stain or damage the carpets and other furniture, it reduces the aesthetic appeal of the house. If your buyer sees any of this damage or stain, it will discourage them from proceeding with the purchase. No buyer is interested in buying a house that’s not cared for.

  • Vacuum the floors every day. 

While you may be used to seeing sheds of your pets on chairs and different surfaces, your buyers are not. During the tour of your house, potential buyers can easily detect loose hairs especially if they accumulate in special places in the house. Before selling a house with pets, ensure to vacuum the floors at least once or twice a day to ensure no pet hair or pet dander is loitering around.

  • Clean out your vents. 

Your vents will trap lots of pet hairs. While cleaning your house, don’t forget to clean out your vents. Clean both inside and along the grating on the outside. Clean them out and replace your vents with filters that can handle pet dander.

  • Allow ventilation into the house and neutralize the scent

Over time, you become used to the smell of your home and the smell of your pets becomes natural to you. Though you may not notice any smell in your home, an outsider can especially when you own a pet. To allow cross ventilation in the home, open the windows every day and clean out the house thoroughly. Carry out a deep cleaning before staging and selling a house with pets.

  • Hide any pet items from the view

Before bringing in buyers to take a tour of your house, ensure every trace of a pet in the house is taken out of sight. This includes bowls, toys, leashes, crates, cat litter, and bedding. Also, ensure these things are not in any photograph you take of your house for listing. When a buyer notices that you own a pet, they may rethink buying your house.

Staging And Selling A House With Pets At Home


Finding a buyer for your home, especially as a pet owner can be difficult. You may not be able to get rid of every evidence that you own a pet and when a buyer finds out, they back out on buying your house. Not to worry, you can sell your house without going through the hassle of cleaning and hiding evidence of your pet.

When you sell to a cash house buyer, you sell your house as-is. This means selling your house the way it is without having to hide or get rid of anything including your pets or signs of having a pet.

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