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Sell My House and Get More Cash

Selling a house is a big deal. For most people, their home represents the biggest investment in their life.  And usually, that investment pays off when they sell their house for more than they paid. However, sometimes property values decline, or people have other reasons to sell fast and decide forego the traditional method of selling a house (hiring a realtor, listing the home, negotiating with buyers). While this method of selling a home comes with its own set of pros and cons, here at HomeCashGuys, we want all of our clients to know they are getting a good deal when selling their homes for cash. So if you’ve ever thought “I need to sell my house fast, but I want to make sure I get the most cash,” here are a few helpful tips:

1. Touch Up Your Paint

A bad paint job, or a paint job that is faded or peeling can dramatically affect the look of your home. And this, in turn, affects your home’s value. While it may not be worth your time or efforts to repaint your house entirely, taking the time to touch up the most obvious places where the paint is chipped, cracked or peeling can make your home look much nicer to potential buyers. 

2. Clean Up Your Landscaping

People judge a home by the way it looks from the curb, so doing some basic landscaping before showing your home to potential buyers is an excellent way to make sure you receive their best offers. A simple trim of the grass, bushes, and surrounding trees can go a long way toward increasing your curb appeal. Planting seasonal flowers can also be a good idea. Whatever you decide to do, just keep in mind how the home is going to look to a potential buyer.

3. Spend Your Time and Your Money Wisely

If you want to know how to sell your house fast and get the most cash, look for the places where spending a little time and money can make a big difference. For example, a section of fence that is falling down, or there is a hole in your drywall that needs to be repaired. Just because you want to sell your house fast doesn’t mean you can’t take some time to do some minor repairs that will help you sell for more, and sell faster.

Sell My House Fast

If you are looking for more tips to get the most out of your home sale, check out the links below. And if you need to sell fast, contact the experts at HomeCashGuys. We have been helping Philadelphia area residents sell their homes for cash for years. Start the process by reaching out today. 

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