Sell My House Fast Philly

Have you considered this option to sell my house fast Philly? Learn from this guide, the best home sale option that puts you ahead of the real estate hassle and brings you fast cash.

Even as today’s market continues to blossom, most homeowners still don’t know how to sell their Philly house or at least, the best way to go about it. Looking at a typical home sale in Philadelphia, it usually takes sellers up to 2 months or more to close. This period does not account for presale preparations like decluttering, staging, and showing.

Thankfully, you have a better option to sell my house fast Philly should you not have all the time to wait that long before you sell. You can simply request a cash offer to slash your sale closing time by a sizable factor.

This guide makes provision for a comprehensive overview of the best way to get rid of your Philly house.

Make a Request For Cash Offer From a Home-buying Company

When the subject matter is to sell my house fast Philly, cash is the prince. This is so because when you are listing your Philadelphia home through an agent, you are uncertain about many things and lots of questions pop up in your head.

With a cash offer on your Philly home, you can sell in a matter of days, rather than wait for months. Furthermore, when you sell your house through a simple cash home-buying process, there’s no need for you to worry about staging your house or spending additional money on home repairs, or preparing for the show.

How Home Cash Offer Works

Cash home purchase is a simple process that allows sellers to take advantage of the real estate market extension to get rid of their property in a short time. You can make a cash offer on any home-buying company website and be sure to get feedback within 48 hours.

Some home-buying companies start by making a preliminary cash offer which is prone to change once an assessment has been carried out. Other buyers give you firm cash offers that remain true, even after assessment.

When you plan to sell my house fast Philly for cash, you should expect the process to follow this suit;

Contact Cash Buyers

A seller reaches out to a home-buying company or any authorized home investors in Philadelphia. In the process, they provide essential information about their house. This information is often assessed to make cash offers.

Get Preliminary Cash Offer

You can get a preliminary offer for your house within 1 or 2 days of requesting a cash offer. This offer is subject to change after the buyer goes through your provided home information.

Home Assessment

At this point, the home-buying company will schedule an appointment with you to inspect your Philly home to evaluate the worth in its lived-in condition. This will usually take a few days to complete.

Receive Cash Offer

Once your home assessment has been completed, you will get a firm cash offer from the buyer. You can either accept or reject this no-obligation offer. 


If you welcome the offer of the home-buying company, you will sign an agreement contract and begin closing. Cash buyers will mostly wait for the seller to clear their title before making payment from the property.

Get Cash

The buyer pays for the property in cash. This typically takes a few days to a few weeks before the seller can walk away with cash payment.

Ready? Sell My House Fast Philly!

This is how home sale through a cash buyer works. Depending on the company, you may go through a more complex process before receiving payment while other companies will give you outright firm offers. When you work with us, you are interfacing directly with our company and not an agent. We also allow you to sell your Philly house for a fair price without having to pay any commission.