Sell my house in preforeclosure to a cash home buyer.

Are you looking to sell your house in Frankford, PA or the surrounding areas? Have you been having a tough time finding a buyer, or are you facing a difficult situation like preforeclosure? At Home Cash Guys, we’ve worked with thousands of homeowners just like you, and we’ll help you sell your house in preforeclosure, or in any other tough or stressful situation.

Selling Your House in Preforeclosure

Foreclosure and preforeclosure are stressful situations. If your house is foreclosed on, it can stay on your credit record for years, preventing you from getting a mortgage or loan, or making them more expensive. But there are ways of avoiding having a foreclosure on your credit record. If you can sell your house while in preforeclosure, you may be able to prevent your credit rating from dropping as much as it might otherwise. But you have to act quickly before you reach the foreclosure stage.

Selling your home on the open market when you’re in preforeclosure often takes time you don’t have. And it may be hard to find a realtor to represent you. That’s why many people in preforeclosure turn to real estate investors like Home Cash Guys. We’ll make you an offer on your property no matter what the condition – and we’ll make it fast. And if you choose to accept our offer, we can complete the deal in as little as two weeks. You’ll be able to pay off your mortgage and walk away with a clean credit record, and maybe even some cash in your pocket.

Greater Philadelphia’s Most Trusted Home Cash Buyer

At Home Cash Guys, we’ve worked with thousands of local homeowners in all kinds of situations, including those looking to sell their house in preforeclosure. We’ve also worked with plenty of homeowners who inherited property, were tired of being a landlord or just didn’t want to deal with the hassle of selling a house in need of repair. We buy houses no matter what the reason, in any condition. And we’re not some big chain, we’re a local company looking to make investments in our community. We know the markets in Frankford and across southeastern Pennsylvania, and we pride ourselves on making fast, fair offers and creating win-win situations.

Here are just a few of the reasons people choose Home Cash Guys:

  • We’re not a realtor, so you pay no commission. And we handle the closing costs.
  • You don’t have to clean your home, show it or wait for a bank to approve a loan.
  • We’ll never ask you to make any repairs. We buy houses in any condition.
  • We’ll handle all the paperwork and can put cash in your pocket in as little as two weeks!

Don’t believe us? Hear what some of the sellers we’ve worked with have had to say. 

Get a Quick Cash Offer Today

Let go of the stress of foreclosure, or of trying to find the right buyer. Just answer a few questions about your property, and one of our trusted local real estate investors will be in touch with you right away. We’ll make you a quick cash offer within days – sometimes right over the phone. It’s free and there’s no obligation, so you’ve got nothing to lose except the stress of foreclosure. Don’t let that keep hanging over your head – call Home Cash Guys today.