Have you been trying to sell your home in Philadelphia but yet to get a good offer? What else have you done aside from putting up a ‘For Sale’ sign in front of the house? If you have tried selling the home yourself (FSBO) or through a real estate agent but can’t seem to find a credible buyer fast enough, why not sell it to a cash buyer


Whether selling the house to sort an emergency or looking to buy property elsewhere, a cash home buyer will make it happen in no time.  One of the benefits of selling to a cash buyer is that you can sell the house as-is and close the deal within the shortest time possible (mostly within a week if everything checks out).


Reasons To Sell Your Home In Philadelphia To A Cash Buyer


1. Sales Happen Fast

Philadelphia cash buyers eliminate most of the steps and processes involved with selling your home. You thus don’t have to stage the house, haggle with different potential buyers, or wait for weeks before the sale can go through. Under normal circumstances, the cash buyer will make you an offer, then start the sale process as soon as you agree to the offer. 

As long as you have all the correct documents for the property, you will be having all the agreed amount in your account within just a few days. It would thus be advisable to ensure everything is in order before contacting a cash buyer. 


2. Sell The House As-Is

Whatever condition your home is in, a good cash buyer will offer to buy it without any contingencies. This means you don’t have to worry about that leaking roof, faucet, faded paint job, or broken door handles. As long as you have proper documentation for the house and are the actual owner, you can be assured of a sale.

All they will need to do is visit your home for professional valuation, then make an offer for the same. This is unlike trying to sell the house yourself, where you’d have to handle all the major repairs and renovations to make it appealing and stand out from the rest.  You thus get to save lots of money in renovations in the process. 


3. Instant Access to All the Money

Almost every real estate agent will want their cut if they help you sell your home. Most of these will ask for at around 6% of the house’s total value, among other charges. This is quite a lot, considering how much the house is worth. You however won’t have to deal with middlemen (real estate agents) when selling to a cash home buyer.

Although the cash buyer’s offer might be a little lower than you expected, it is worth every penny considering all the commissions and charges eliminated. In addition to this, because we buy houses Philadelphia professionally we will wire the money agreed upon (lumpsum) as soon as everything checks out and the transfer is signed. You can thus use the money to pay for whatever emergency you had. 


4. Reduced Risk of Sales Fall Through

If you have tried to sell your home in Philadelphia before, you then know how frustrating it is for a potential buyer to fall through at the very last minute. Although this might not be the buyer’s intention (couldn’t qualify for a loan), many simply get gold feet and drop off. There is, however, a very low risk of sales falling through when selling to a cash buyer.

Unless there’s a problem with your paperwork, cash sales are fast and final. The best thing with selling your house fast Philadelphia to a cash buyer is that they will do much of the heavy lifting, making the process less time-consuming and stressful than it should.

Call Home Cash Guys today if you are looking for a secure and reliable way to sell your home in Philadelphia fast. You don’t have to worry about renovations or upgrades; we will buy it at its current state and reasonable price.


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