How to sell your house – The process of selling a home can take a toll on the seller especially if they have no prior experience of selling houses. That’s why you have the option of hiring a real estate agent who is an expert at selling houses.

But do you need a real estate lawyer when selling your home? If your home sale process is being handled by a professional real estate agent, you may not need to hire a real estate lawyer. But there are times when you need a real estate lawyer. This article will discuss when you need a real estate lawyer during your home sale process.

Do You Need A Lawyer When You Sell Your House

When Do You Need A Real Estate Lawyer?

  • State law requires you to use a lawyer.

In some states, it’s compulsory to hire a real estate lawyer when selling your home. And in some states, hiring a real estate lawyer is optional.

  • There’s no real estate agent involved in the transaction 

Sometimes you can decide to sell your house without involving a realtor or broker in the transaction; this is called “for sale by owner”. However, when it’s time to sign the purchase agreement, deed, and other documents, you need someone with legal knowledge. A lawyer can help you during this process and ensure that the transaction goes smoothly.

  • There is a problem with the property or the deal.

When selling a home, issues that can cause disagreement between a buyer and seller may arise. At this point, you need a lawyer that can handle the situation and ensure the matter doesn’t escalate. A lawyer can help you resolve matters like rights of way, easements, boundary disputes, or any other issue regarding your property.

  • You are concerned about the tax consequences.

As a seller, you may be required to pay capital gain tax if you sell your home for more than the price you bought it. You need a lawyer to explain the process and guide you on how the sale of your house can affect your tax return.

  • You plan to change the exterior of the home.

In some areas, some strict laws and rules guide the things you can or cannot do to the exterior of your home. For instance, in some places, you cannot tear down a part of your home exterior or install solar panels, or even repaint the exterior of your house. However, a real estate lawyer can help you understand these laws and even provide alternatives to gain approval to go ahead with your plan.

Do You Need A Lawyer When You Sell Your House 2

  • Your gut tells you to talk to a lawyer.

If you notice anything strange with the transaction, or you’re not comfortable working with the buyer and their agent, that’s your gut telling you to talk to a lawyer. A lawyer will ensure that the transaction goes on smoothly without hassle and you can get your profit at the end of the sale.


Selling your home can be challenging sometimes and you don’t want to make any mistakes during this process. Hiring a real estate lawyer may not be a bad decision at the end of the day as they can save you from making costly mistakes.

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