Facing Foreclosure In Philadelphia? Here Are 5 Reasons To Consider Selling To A Cash Home Buyer

Facing Foreclosure In Philadelphia? We understand that it can be a really tough time. So we have created this article with 5 reasons to consider selling to a Cash Home Buyer like us at Home Cash Guys. Selling your home can be a daunting, time-consuming, and exhausting process. With our busy schedules, it’s hard to find the time or money to hire a realtor to handle the details for us, prep the house for a sale, and deal with long days of putting the home on display.

If you want to speed up the process, selling your home for cash is a great way to speed up past all the hassle. It’s one stress-free way to move and will ensure your house is put on the market as soon as possible.

All-cash investors ideally fix up your home on their own and put it in the market, allowing you to avoid the hassles of listing your home and doing costly repairs. A cash buyer will ideally purchase your home exactly as it is, at a reasonable price.

If you’re facing foreclosure, selling your home fast can be a lifesaver. With a reasonable cash offer from the investor, you can sell your home quickly and conveniently.

So, whether you’re looking for quick cash or just want the process of selling your home to be stress-free, selling your home for cash has a lot of benefits. If you’re not sold yet, check out our rundown of the key advantages of selling your home for cash.

1. Much Fewer Sales Fall Through

A Cash sale removes the all-familiar process of accepting an offer only to end up losing the buyer at the last minute when they find out they can’t qualify for a loan. When the cash is passed along by the investor, there’s usually no backing out or those last-minute cold feet. Cash sales usually close in 1 to 3 weeks on average, compared to the 4 to 7 weeks typically required for a conventional sale. Plus, since cash sales are typically done on an as-is basis, there are usually no major repairs and repainting needed.

2. You Keep all the Money

When you sell your home for cash, you won’t have to hire a realtor. All the closing fees involved with the traditional home selling are gone. When you sell your home, you will be directly selling it to a buyer, which ideally bypasses all the extra fees to third parties. This means that you will get to keep the total amount you are offered, thereby saving you thousands of dollars in real estate agent commissions.

3. The Sale Happens Fast

One of the main lures for homeowners, especially those facing foreclosure, is that the home sale closes very fast. You won’t have to wait around for the real estate agent to look around the house, or for them to host endless open houses until someone takes an interest.

Better yet, you won’t have to wait for banks to approve buyer loans. In a matter of days or weeks after reaching out to a cash home buyer, you will have money in your pocket and the house off of your hands. This can be really helpful for homeowners who need quick cash, or those who are just looking to get rid of the house fast due to an emergency, a divorce, or any other reason.

4. No Repairs are Needed

If you go the conventional route, you will want to make sure that your house is HGTV worthy. By going the alternative route, you can forget about the deep cleanings, repairs, and restorations, and interior decorations – you won’t have to change a thing to prep your home to sell it.

Working with a cash home buyer means that they will buy your Philly home as-is, and will therefore do the fixing themselves. Aside from that, they won’t be deterred by damage or a distasteful paint job. you also won’t need to be concerned about receiving less money than ideal because of how your house looks. The buyer mainly focuses on the value of the property itself – not its appearance. If you don’t have the time or money to fix your home before putting it up for sale, sell your Philly home fast for cash

5. It’s A Simple, Straight-Forward Process

All you need to initiate the process of selling your home is a phone call. Talking with a cash buyer over the phone will let them enquire some basic information about your home and its potential value. They can then look at the background of the neighborhood, the value of your property, and the value of the surrounding properties.

After this, the investor will come for a pre-scheduled home visit to see your property personally. They will either have an offer right there and then or will call you within 24 hours to provide you with a rough estimate of what they can offer you.

If you’re content with the price, the sale can proceed. You can actually close the sale in a week or so, usually at a lawyer’s office to protect the best interests of both parties.

Final Thoughts

If you’re facing foreclosure in Philadelphia, there are many benefits of selling your property to a home cash buyer. It’s simply difficult to beat the convenience, speed, and value that come with selling your home for cash.

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