The idea of a pool in the house can be exciting for individuals who like to relax and cool off after a long day at work or swimming enthusiasts. For homeowners with a pool, selling a home with a pool can be a great way to attract quality potential buyers which creates the chance to sell your house for a higher price.

However, you can only insist on selling your home with a pool at a higher price if your pool is in perfect condition. Otherwise, it can make your buyers lose interest in your home and they end up withdrawing their offer. This article will explain how to sell your house with a pool easily and without hassle. Continue reading to learn more:

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Advice on selling your home with a pool


  • Keep Up With Pool Maintenance


To sell a house with a pool, you must ensure that your pool is always in good condition. This means you have to constantly remove debris and other materials that shouldn’t be in the pool. Before you bring potential buyers into your home for showings, you must ensure that the pool is clean and it’s even best to keep it open. This helps your potential buyers have a clear view of the pool and know if it matches their expectations.


Also, the tools and equipment for the pool must be in the best working condition, and see to it that they’re serviced regularly. If you have a professional service maintaining the pool, ensure to provide all that information to your potential buyer. 


  • Answer Safety Concerns Before They Start


If there’s a law regarding pools in your area, ensure your pool is built up to standard and meets all requirements. Having a standard pool helps your buyers know that your pool is safe for use. Also, install safety measures around your pool; you can install a fence around your pool, or use a taut cover for your pool. With this, you’re letting your potential buyers know that your pool is safe for adults as well as for children.


  • Time it Correctly


Selling a house with a pool requires a lot of planning which includes the right weather. You’re more likely to get interested buyers for your house if you list your home for sale when the weather heats up. The sight of a pool can seduce a buyer especially when they consider the weather and how relaxing the pool can be for them. 

  1. Provide a Pool Binder

A pool binder is a document that contains all the information about the pool. Documenting everything that’s needed to open, maintain, and close a pool can give you a better chance at closing the sale of your house in record time. More often than not, your buyers are more concerned about pool maintenance and safety, so your pool binder will come in handy in cases like this. Your pool binder must contain information like service records, chemical records, and renovations.

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A pool in the house is more of an investment than a waste of resources. Not only does it increase the aesthetic appeal of your home, it also increases its value on the market. If you have a pool and you’re looking to sell my house Philadelphia, you can sell to a cash house buyer to avoid stress and hassle.

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With us, you do not need to pay realtor fees, renovation fees, and any other expenses. You only need to accept our offer and we’ll close the sale of your house in record time.

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