Installing solar panels in your home may be a good investment plan or not. Before you install solar panels in your home, you must consider some factors, one of which is whether solar panels make it harder to sell a house.

In this article, we will talk more about this topic and offer some insight on how to sell a house with solar panels. Another thing to consider when selling is how fast you’ll find a buyer. Not to worry, you can always rely on cash house buyers like us at Home Cash Guys.

is it harder to sell a house with solar panels

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Do Solar Panels Make It Harder To Sell House?

Selling a house comes with its challenges such as bad location, lack of features that attract buyers, and installation of solar panels. You might be wondering how solar panels make it difficult to sell a house. Well, solar panels can alter the aesthetics of a house which may not be what a buyer wants. Also, it can be difficult to get a mortgage when you have solar panels on your roof.

Selling your house with a solar panel can be difficult but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you know the right steps to take and you follow them, you shouldn’t have any problems selling your house with solar panels.

Tips for selling a house with solar panels 

If you have a solar power purchase agreement (PPA) on your house and you plan to sell it, then there are a few things you must do to ensure you sell your house successfully.

  • Determine the Value of the Solar System 

Your solar panel doesn’t reduce the value of your home, instead it adds to it. A house with solar is only difficult to sell but the solar panel in your house adds more value to your property. Before you sell, you must determine the value of your solar system. To do this, you can get an appraisal done.

  1. Understand the Terms of Your PPA or Lease

Before you sell your house, ensure you understand the terms and conditions of your solar PPA or lease agreement before listing your house. This will help you take appropriate measures in determining the quality of buyers for your home.

  • Inform the Potential Buyers

Before you sell, you must inform your buyers about the solar panels installed in your home. When your buyers are aware, it helps reduce the chances of legal problems in the future. It also helps your buyer know what they’re signing up for when they buy a house with a solar panel.

  • Mention the Benefits: 

You must ensure that your buyers are aware of the benefits they stand to enjoy when they buy a house with a solar panel. This will help them determine if their investment is worth it or if they should consider buying another house.

is it harder to sell a house with solar panels


A house with solar panels is a great investment because it helps you save on energy bills and increases the value of your home. If you’re finding it difficult to sell your house with a solar panel, it’s because you’re not targeting the right buyer.

To sell your house faster, you can work with a reliable cash house buyer in your area. If you live in Philadelphia, then you can count on us at Home Cash Guys to buy your house at the best price. We ensure to close the sale of your home as soon as you accept our offer.

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