Get cash for my house from Home Cash Guys. Lehigh, Bucks, Philadelphia Counties.When Frank and his wife Lisa inherited the home Frank grew up in, they initially decided to keep it in the family, letting their son live there. But the house was aging, and the maintenance costs just kept mounting. It was causing a lot of stress for Frank and Lisa. They didn’t want to invest in the property, and their son wasn’t interested in investing or living there long-term either. They decided to sell Frank’s parents’ old house, and use they money to renovate their own before selling that one too, and moving out of the city.

Since Lisa was in the mortgage industry, she knew it would be tough for a realtor to sell Frank’s parents’ home, and that it would probably take a while. And the two of them wanted to make the process as stress-free as possible. So they contacted Home Cash Guys, and we made them an offer. Here’s what Lisa had to say about working with us:

“Home Cash Guys were easy to work with and walked you through the process from beginning to end. Everyone on their team, from Tyler to Kevin, to Carlyne and the title company were helpful and very nice to deal with. We have already recommended them to a friend of ours and would recommend them again.

Thank you so much! We appreciate you making what was a difficult chapter in our lives to close, as easy as possible.”

Thank you, Lisa! And thank you, Frank! That’s exactly the sort of thing we love to hear. We’re glad to have helped you with selling your inherited home. We wish you the best with your renovation and move, and appreciate the recommendation. We hope we’ll be able to help your friend out with a quick, hassle-free cash sale too.

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