Selling his house quickly in AbingtonSam had been trying to sell his house on and off for over a year. In fact, he’d worked with a realtor and priced his home to sell quickly. He’d even made upgrades to make the house more attractive in anticipation of selling. These included a newly painted exterior, hardwood floors in much of the house, new bath vanities, new windows and a new sliding door. But, he didn’t have any luck.

The location, Sam thought, would have been perfect for someone with a professional practice, like a doctor or lawyer. It was a corner lot near the heart of town with mature landscaping and could be zoned residential/commercial. With a good school district, it should have been an easy sell.

Unfortunately, the realtor didn’t know the Abington area too well, and attracted a lot of potential buyers who maxed out at Sam’s price point. He had fifty showings in a month, but no serious offers. And he was living there the whole time. Constantly having people coming in and out, and keeping the house show-ready drove him crazy.

Selling His House for Cash and Saving Money

Sam found a house he really wanted, and was scheduled to close on it in just over a month. That’s when he contacted Home Cash Guys.

“I hate the whole process. I would love to short-circuit the selling,” Sam told us.

Sam already had his down payment for his new house, so he wasn’t in a situation where he absolutely needed to sell his current house before he closed on the new one. But, he was also motivated to sell. He didn’t want to deal with the hassle. And, he wanted to focus on moving into his new home. He also had the realtor’s appraisals, seen properties close by sell, and done a little calculation on the realtor’s commission fees. He figured he could save about $10,000 by avoiding the realtor’s commission and going with Home Cash Guys instead. Along with avoiding showings, and the hassle of trying to find a buyer that was interested and could afford his home, selling his home for cash just made sense.

After running the numbers, one of our local real estate investors got in touch with him within just a day or two. We told him we could make it work, and got the process going. Just after he closed on his new home, we closed on his old home in an all cash sale. Here’s what Sam had to say about working with Home Cash Guys:

“Home Cash Guys did exactly what they promised. And they did it with great competence and courtesy. I highly recommend them. Thank you Home Cash Guys and God bless you.”

Working with Homeowners Throughout The Greater Philadelphia Area

Home Cash Guys has helped thousands of homeowners throughout southeastern Pennsylvania sell their homes quickly, for cash. If you’ve got a home to sell, let us make you a free, no-obligation cash offer. Just answer a few questions about your home, and one of our trusted, local real estate investors will be in touch right away. And, if you have a friend, neighbor or relative who is selling their home, refer them to us and we’ll give you $100 if we buy their home from them.