If you’re considering selling your house, we buy houses Philly and will make the process easy. We will purchase any type of home, even those in bad shape, and take care of all aspects of the sale, including repairs. This way, you can focus on the move-out process. Alternatively, you can sell the house yourself and use your agent to cover the costs, but this can be timely as well as costly with hidden fees. We buy houses Philly for cash and charge no hidden fees or commissions.

We Buy Houses Philly – The Process

We buy houses Philly for cash and can close in as little as seven days. Once we have evaluated the property, we will make an offer and proceed with the process. This will usually take around seven business days. The payment will usually be made via wire transfer or cashier’s check. The process is easy and stress-free for both the seller and the buyer. We are transparent throughout the process, giving you peace of mind that there will be no hidden charges. 

Selling your home the traditional way can be stressful, you could be waiting months for the sale to be complete and then it could fall through. The buyer could have financing that doesn’t get approved or they could simply change their mind at the last minute, leaving you having to start over with your sale. 

Why Sell Your House For Cash?

Traditional methods may involve inspections and mortgage issues, which may leave you without the cash you need. Many of these traditional methods also require that you pay the seller’s commission. Working with real estate agents can have hidden costs also. Many of them charge closing costs and take commission, among other fees.

We buy houses in Philly and will never charge any hidden fees. We simply give you a fair offer and aim to close the sale within a week. This eliminates all the stress of selling the traditional way because you will have the cash and not have to look back on your old home, wondering if the sale will fall through. 

We Buy Houses Philly No Matter The Condition

We Buy Houses Philly and we are cash home buyers who can make you an offer quickly. You won’t have to worry about expensive renovations because we will make the necessary repairs on your home and close the transaction quickly. We are real estate investors with many years of experience and will sell your home for a profit after making necessary repairs. Performing extensive repairs yourself would take months of work and cost thousands of dollars.

We have experience with distressed houses, so you won’t need to worry about spending your savings on costly renovations. You also won’t need to worry about staging which can be time consuming and also expensive. We are cash home buyers that are ready to buy your Philadelphia home as-is.

Now Is A Great Time To Sell In Philadelphia


Philadelphia has an incredibly strong economy, a great number of employment opportunities, and numerous attractions. As such, the demand for housing continues to rise. The city has experienced a recent boom in the real estate market, and this trend is likely to continue. Therefore, many people are turning to us as a solution to their housing needs.

Unlike traditional realtors, Home Cash Guys can buy your home fast and for cash. We can eliminate the hassle of listing a house on MLS and waiting for prospective buyers. In many cases, we offer instant cash offers and can close your property in one week. We buy houses Philly and we are an excellent solution for distressed properties that can’t sell on the open market. We have high customer satisfaction ratings, and you can rest assured that we will treat your property with respect.

Keeping a home up to date is expensive. Older homes are more likely to have problems, and it can be challenging to maintain them. Older homes also need more renovations and repairs. We buy any houses in Philly and will take your home off you so you don’t have a costly project. 

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