If you’re a homeowner who’s looking to sell their house, you want your house to be in the best shape and condition possible. You’d do everything possible to ensure that your buyers are impressed with your house. One thing you shouldn’t forget to do when selling your home is forget to remove nails from the walls. You must have put those nails there for certain purposes, but your buyer doesn’t need them. If they do, they can install the nails themselves and use them for whatever they need them for.

When selling your house, it’s better to remove the nails on the wall and patch it up before bringing in buyers to check out your house. You can patch it up yourself or you can hire a technician to do it for you. If you’re confused about what to do with the nail holes after you’ve removed the nails, this article will guide you on the process to follow. Continue reading to learn more:

Do You Leave Nails In Wall When You Sell House

How To Fill In Small Nail Holes

  • Purchase the supplies

You don’t need too many supplies if you want to fill in the nail holes yourself. You just need to visit a hardware store near you and buy the following items:

  • fine-grain sandpaper (or a sanding sponge),
  • a package of spackling paste,
  • a putty knife,
  • a small paintbrush,
  • The same paint as the color of the walls

These are the items you need to successfully patch nail holes in your house before selling l.

  • Apply the spackling paste

Use the putty knife to take a little amount of sparkling paste and put it into the nail hole; you don’t want to rush this so that the spackling paste can cover the hole well. After inserting the paste, use the flat side of the knife to spread the paste evenly around the hole. Then you let the spackling paste dry out for about 3 hours.

  • Sand the spackled zone

After confirming that the spackle is dry, then you use the sandpaper you got from the store to sand it down. Do it properly so that the dried spackle paste can become even with the wall. Remember, don’t apply too much pressure while sanding so that you don’t create a dent in the wall. But if you mistakenly cause a dent, reapply some spackle paste and sandpaper again, carefully this time.

  • Apply the paint

The next step is to use the paintbrush you got from the store to apply paint to the speckled and sanded area so that it becomes even with the wall. The paintbrush helps you apply the paint properly and get an excellent result.

Do You Leave Nails In Wall When You Sell House 2


By following the process above, you can successfully cover the nail holes in your house. It’s not alright to leave nails hanging in different parts of the house; this may make your buyer lose interest in the purchase. If you’re looking to sell my house Philadelphia, you’re better off selling to a cash house buyer. Especially if you don’t want to go through the stress of filling nail holes or making repairs of any kind.

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