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When faced with foreclosure, or you’re unable to keep up with your mortgage payments, we understand how challenging it can be to offload your house fast. At Home Cash Guys, we are aware of the stress and hassle that comes with selling your Delaware County house. We also understand that not everybody has the money, patience, or time to do repairs before selling, enlist a realtor, stage their house, and still patiently wait for months to get a buyer. We don’t see why you should undergo such a painful process when selling your home which is why we Buy Houses AS-IS Delaware County for cash.  

Don’t have the money, time, or desire to renovate your property? Are you looking for a way out of a problem property? Do you want to Sell your Delaware County House fast without having to list it with a real estate agent? Are you facing foreclosure? If you’re undergoing any of the mentioned issues, we can help get you out of your fix and save you from months of frustration as well as thousands of dollars! At Home Cash Guys, we Buy Houses AS-IS Delaware for Cash to help you move on with your life.

Here’s what we bring to the table:

We Buy Houses As-Is

You need not concern yourself with sprucing up the home in anticipation of our arrival. We don’t care about water damage, roof repairs, junk or any restoration work needed to make the house more appealing – We buy houses as-is for cash. We will deal with everything left behind once you move-out.

Why fix it whereas you can sell it! At Home Cash Guys, we strive to make the house selling experience pleasant and easy. We buy houses in any location or condition. With no repairs or renovations, we will be putting more money in your pocket with an all-cash offer. Why sit on a distressed property whereas we Buy Houses AS-IS, Delaware County, for cash! Call us today to get the ball rolling!

No Fees or Commissions

When you sell your Delaware house using traditional methods, you’ll be required to pay realtor fees and/or commissions. Commissions can leave a huge dent in your pocket since it’s usually an exorbitant percentage of the total house sale. Given that your house may remain in the market for months or even years, you’ll be paying agent fees for nothing. With us, you will get a quick cash offer because we are real estate investors, not realtors. So we don’t need to charge fees or commissions to earn money. 

Without being required to pay commissions or fees, we will be helping you save money that you would have otherwise paid out to a third party to facilitate the process. With Home Cash Guys, we eliminate the charges intermediaries impose on you and pay you cash for your home. By dealing with us, you can be assured of breaking even. We believe you should be saving money…not hemorrhaging it.

No Agents

Selling your house using a realtor can end up causing you more harm than good. There are many demands that come with using this method. You’ll have to clean and do repairs on your house before you even hire a realtor. The realtor will then list your property, which may or may not sell. And all the while, you’ll be paying agent fees. As investors, we eliminate the middle man and connect with the money you need. With us, you don’t need to wait for months to sell because we already have the money.  

Flexible Closing

When you decide to sell your Delaware home to us, you’re the one that will be in control of how fast or slow you want to close. We will work alongside you to come up with a date that is most convenient for you. Be it, days or months. We are just here to meet your needs and put money in your pocket.

We aim to make your transitioning period as seamless as possible, which is why we have a simple process to help you get started. 

Our process:

-Contact Us: You will need to get in touch with us first to set things in motion. We will ask you a few details about your property as well as review your local real estate market scene. This information is crucial since it will allow us to craft a great cash offer. After speaking to one of our representatives, you can be certain that we will reach out on the same or the following day.

-On-site Evaluation: After giving details of your Delaware home, we will need to see what we’re buying. Don’t fret; this is just standard procedure. Chances are that we will still buy your home regardless of its state. After doing a thorough assessment of the property, we will give you a more than generous ca$h offer on-site. If you don’t like our offer, it okay… We will still part ways on good terms.

-Closing: This is the final and most important stage because this is when you finally get paid. If you’re in a hurry to offload your property, we can have the deal closed within 14 days. Get the money you require right now. By working with us at Home Cash Guys, you won’t have to wait months for your house to get sold. 

We Buy Houses Delaware County Our process is easy and pretty straightforward. Call us to discuss your various options and get a fast and fair ca$h offer!

Do you live in Delaware County and are looking to sell your house fast? At Home Cash Guys, we Buy Houses AS-IS Philadelphia and in Delaware County for cash fast, putting more money in your pocket. We are trustworthy real estate investors whose only goal is to alleviate the burden that comes with selling a home in this brutal real estate market. We will take your situation into consideration and guarantee that we will give you a fair cash offer to see you on your way. Contact us at (215) 515-0064 now and get a fast, non-obligatory ca$h offer

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