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A home inspection is a standard part of selling a home; most buyers want to know if the house they are buying is accurately represented, without hidden damage or required repairs. Sometimes, even the homeowner is unaware that their home needs any repairs, which can leave the owner saying: “I want to sell my home fast!” without dealing with the delays and possible expenses that occur when home inspections are done to sell in a more traditional property sale setting. One of the very good choices, when faced with this scenario, you may want to sell your house as is for cash.

After The Home Inspection

It is typical for most people buying a home to require a home inspection to determine if there are any problems that may require extensive repairs. When an inspection reveals that repairs are needed, the homeowner is left with two options: make the repairs at whatever cost or give a buyer allowance for the identified problems that need to be fixed. When these two choices don’t suit the homeowner’s needs, it usually results in a seller who wants to sell as quickly as possible without having to put time or money into making repairs.

Selling Without A Home Inspection

Since home inspections are generally requested during conventional home sales, what option does a homeowner have when you want to sell your house as is without making repairs? Selling to a cash buyer is one answer which basically allows sellers to basically turn over their home property without dealing with the things that might need their attention at home.

Real estate investors typically do a walk-through inspection and make an offer based on what they have seen. This is possible because the price offered is usually lower than the potential market value. An offer is made based on the home’s visible condition. Homeowners can either reject the offer or sell the house without getting a complete home inspection. Since it is likely that sellers looking to avoid an inspection know that repairs need to be done and cannot afford either the time or the money for such repairs, taking advantage of selling your house “as-is” may be a great solution for the sale of an unwanted property.

Homes that have an obvious need for repair are typically sold as is for a fair cash price that may be lower than market value. An “as-is” transaction helps homeowners who are eager to sell because of the speed by which they can liquidate the unwanted property. The longer an owner has a home, the more payments that must be made in taxes and mortgage payments. The best solution in many of these cases is simply selling your house as is which eliminates the need for a home inspection.

If you are wondering how to sell your house for cash without a home inspection minus the usual hassle, the best option for your situation may be selling a home “as-is” to real estate investors. Whether a home requires repairs or not, cash buyers help all eager sellers liquidate their property quickly and avoid the concerns about passing a home inspection. That can really be a great relief to many homeowners!

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