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Camden County consists of 54 cities and it’s one of the most attractive places for home buyers. The real estate market is on the rise because of the wonderful locations, peaceful neighborhoods, and excellent schools. It’s a dream county for anyone who wants to live a happy life with their family. But before you buy a house, you need to shortlist some of the neighborhoods that are popular in Camden County.

Best neighborhoods in Camden County

Do you know the prices of houses depend on the quality of neighborhoods? You can get a luxurious house at a relatively less price if it’s one of the not-so-popular neighborhoods in the county. Similarly, you may have to take out more cash for a three-bedroom apartment if you want to stay in one of the best neighborhoods. Considering you want your kids to grow up in a good neighborhood, here are some of the places you should keep in mind before buying a house:

  • Springdale
  • Haddonfield
  • Greentree
  • Echelon
  • Collingswood
  • Ellisburg
  • Audubon

Remember, the prices of properties here are higher than in some of the other cities in Camden County. You should compare the prices before narrowing down some of the neighborhoods.


Best school districts in Camden County


Like a good neighborhood, you should also think of the school where you want to enroll your kid after buying the house. Fortunately, Camden County has tons of excellent school districts with some incredible schools.

  • Cherry Hill School District
  • Haddon Township School District
  • Haddon Heights School District
  • Collingswood Public School District
  • Audubon Public School District
  • Black Horse Pike Regional School District

Here are some of the best elementary schools in Camden County:

  • Zane North Elementary School
  • Edward T. Hamilton Elementary School
  • Joseph D. Sharp Elementary School
  • Atlantic Avenue Elementary School
  • James A. Garfield Elementary School


Real Estate in Camden County

Camden County has a population of 73,973. According to the latest real estate stats Camden County, there are 24,727 housing units, including homes and apartments. House prices in this county is the most affordable when you check the prices in other counties in New Jersey. The median value for homes in Camden County is $101,454. 

Attached homes and row houses constitute nearly 54.42% of the total housing units in this county. Some of the other types of properties that you can look at are high-rise apartments or apartment complexes accounting to 18.19%, small apartment buildings (12.48%), and single-family detached homes (14.07%). There are a few homeowners who converted their properties to apartments. If you have a tight budget, you can buy one of these apartments instead of purchasing the full house.

The most prevalent type of property in Camden County is a three-bedroom or four-bedroom dwelling. Some of the luxurious houses have four bedrooms. They come with two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a balcony. You will mostly see these types of properties among neighborhoods containing row houses and attached homes. The real estate stats Camden County suggest that it has a mixture of renters and owners with 62.31% renting and 37.69% owning.

There is a growing demand for houses in Camden County. And there is a reason for it. Finding vacant houses in Camden is a challenge. There are only 17.41% of the houses units vacant right now. Moreover, many homeowners don’t list their properties to real estate companies. This holds the real estate market slightly at a lower level than other states in the US. 


Home appreciation rates in Camden County

Although it is challenging to find vacant homes for sale, the home appreciation rate shows promising signs of a flourishing real estate market in the future. The recent real estate stats Camden County show that the appreciation rate is almost the same as the national average in the last 10 years. The annual appreciation rate during this period was 2.21%. 

In fact, the real estate stats Camden County from last year reveal that the appreciation rate reached a whopping 4.90%, which is higher than the national average for 2019. The per-month appreciation rate is 0.72%, which then annualizes to 2.89%. Another surprising statistics show that the annual appreciation rate for houses in Camden County is higher than 70% of some of the other towns and cities in New Jersey. 

One of the crucial things that you need to keep in mind here is the appreciation rate given above is for the entire county. The rate may differ significantly if you consider different neighborhoods. You should always compare the rates before finalizing a deal.


About Camden County

Camden County constitutes of 19 neighborhoods. It is New Jersey’s ninth-largest community. You will notice a huge stock of pre-World War II architecture here, making it one of the most historic cities in the US. 

Camden County has a mixed workforce, including both white-collar and blue-collar jobs. It has various types of job openings, such as sales and office workers, transportation and shipping workers, and service providers. People in this county work in various departments like healthcare support services (9.55%), sales jobs (10.10%), and office and administrative support (10.99%). 

Public transport is widely available throughout the county. Most people use public transport because of their connectivity. This makes transportation affordable for the residents here. 

Only 9.07% of the residents hold a college degree. This is quite low if you compare with the average of other cities, which is 21.84%. 

The per capita income of people here is $14,747. Again, this is lower than the other cities in New Jersey and in the US. 

Camden County is an ethnically-diverse city with Jamaican, German, African, Irish, and Italian people living together. 

Now that you know almost every detail about Camden County, shortlist some of the neighborhoods near good schools and find the best house within your budget. With three and four-bedroom apartments available, you won’t have a problem shifting with your entire family to this beautiful city and live a happy life in the future.